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Who is la?


Certified life coach

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Hey Goddess,

I'm Lesley Ann.

I am so happy and grateful you are here.

It is my belief that when you are ready for change, or something new, the universe will send the right people, resources and opportunities into our paths.

If you find yourself here, it is no accident, you are ready for something new, a raise in vibration, a change in direction and best of all to manifest your reality.

So allow me to introduce myself. I’m Lesley Ann Watson (LA), I started out on my spiritual and personal growth journey some 10 years ago. My career background is beauty therapy and make up artistry. But manifestation, meditation and mindset has become my forte, my passion, my gift to share with the world.

Don’t get me wrong getting to this point in my life has not been easy. I have been presented with many of life’s challenges, suffered extreme grief through sudden loss, that feeling of no way out, hitting rock bottom in every aspect of my life. But that makes me the prime example that we can completely flip the script and manifest our dream reality into existence.

I am here to make you aware that you have the power within you to rewrite the story. We can get you to be where you want to be. Just let me be the stepping stone you need to get there.

My dream is to awaken as many people as possible, to lovingly guide them through their healing and transformation journey. So for now I am sending all my love and hope that you will join me on my platforms for my daily content to empower and motivate you each and every day.

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My mission

I want to help as many women as i can to heal through their past, letting go of their self limiting beliefs, so they can create their realities and unleash the goddess within

Create your reality with LA has been developed to empower:

  • The woman that wants to heal

  • The woman that wants to change her mindset

  • The woman that wants to unleash the goddess within

That woman is you!

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