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Quell Zen [Patch] ((BETTER))

Additionally, a patch will be more effective if you have a specific area you want to treat, such as your shoulder or lower back, rather than dealing with general or diffuse aches and pains throughout your body.

Quell Zen [Patch]

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Two case reports from 2020 suggest that topical CBD may be an effective treatment in decreasing inflammation and blocking pain in the recovery of back injury as well as relieving nerve pain. However, the report was focused on topical creams, so more research is needed on patches specifically.

It may also be possible for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to show up on a drug test after using a patch made with full-spectrum CBD. If you want to avoid THC, look for a CBD isolate product, which contains only CBD, instead.

Creating a world where greeting cards heal hospital patients, police officers pull over children driving bumper cars, babies use the patch to quell the pacifier habit, and nudists find out what constitutes a streaker in their colony, the St. Louis area natives alternate writing and drawing duties for the daily panel.

Though you should defer to the instructions on your product of choice, generally, you use these patches by applying them to a venous area of your body (think: the inside of your wrist). Your skin will then slowly absorb its ingredients over the course of several hours or even an entire day.

The Be Calm patches specifically aim to help you decompress and unwind with the help of ingredients that have been linked to stress relief, like hemp and ashwagandha. To (literally) soak up the effects of these plants, you just place the adhesive on your inner wrist, then let the ingredients take effect for up to 12 hours before removing the sticker.

Exactly where you place your patch can vary from product to product, so defer to the instructions. The Be Calm patches, for instance, are meant to adhere to a venous area like the inside of your wrist, whereas Cycle patches (designed to ease period pain) are to be worn on your abdomen.

The amount of time you can wear a patch likewise depends on the individual product, so check the instructions to see how long you should leave it on. The Be Calm patches are good for up to 12 hours, after which you just peel off the adhesive and toss it.

I found these patches worth my while thanks to their ease of use, low price tag, and calming effects. For $16 and about 30 seconds of my time, I was able to apply the adhesive and unwind, and for that reason, The Good Patch will be a part of my stress-relief routine for a long time to come.

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