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Download View Now ( 1.66 GB )

Users can now type @lang:languageId in the Settings editor search box to view and edit all settings that can be configured for the language with ID languageId. This way, users can view language-specific settings, also known as language overrides.

download view now ( 1.66 GB )

Previously, the repositories in the Source Control Repositories view have been sorted as they were being discovered when opening a folder/workspace with multiple repositories. This was problematic as the discovery order can vary and repositories appeared to be in random order. This milestone, repositories are always sorted by name in the Source Control Repositories view.

There is a new R in Visual Studio Code topic describing R programming language support in VS Code with the R extension. The R extension includes rich language features such as code completions and linting as well as integrated R terminals and dedicated workspace, data, and plot viewers.

Fallout 76 update 1.66 has been released by Bethesda, and this is for the big The Pitt title update that includes new quests, rewards and loads more! Read up on the Fallout 76 September 13 patch notes below.

Hello Experts, I just got interrupted in the process of upgrading to iOS 8.0.2. In a total of 1.66GB download the process got interrupted at 1.4GB and when resuming the process starts from 0 again. Is there any way wherein I can resume this download? It is really frustrating to restart the process which involved huge time and cost as well. Can anyone truly help...

I did the download through itunes only, but the process got interrupted since the internet connection was reset. Usually in any other downloads if something of this sort happens, the process continues from where it stopped when restarted. But this does not happen with itunes. This is really cumbersome to loose such a high amount of data going waste. Multiple times I am facing this problem. Off-course the internet connection is an issue since it resets in between. But the download should keep a cache. It is not something new...

Not sure what it is you are referring to. A browser is just that - a browser. If a download is interrupted mid-way, a browser has no way to retrieve the portion of the download that has not been downloaded yet. So, again, I have never downloaded anything that will pick up a download where it left off if it is interrupted. The control of that would be with the application that was downloading, not the browser, and most of them will not start up mid-way. How does it know exactly at which point the downloaded information stopped getting to you in a situation that is not controlled by anything except an internet connection?

To be more clear: ftp supports resuming downloads. For instance, if you have to download 2 Gb of data, and the connection breaks after downloading 512 Mb, the ftp client knows how much data it already downloads, and it can resume the download from where it left before, this is, not downloading again the 512 Mb of data that it already has, but only the 1.5 Gb that is left to download. With iTunes, I'm trying to download an iPhone update (2.2Gb of data), the connection gets interrupted after downloading 1 Gb, and I have to download the 2.2Gb of data from the beginning, instead of just downloading the 1.1 Gb that is missing. Not sure if I'm clear enough now...

We find most Sling TV subscribers use best quality, so they consume about 1.66GB of data every hour. That means you could watch just over 602 hours of Sling TV every month or about 20 hours of video every day in a 30-day month.

Disclaimer: To address the growing use of ad blockers we now use affiliate links to sites like , streaming services, and others. Affiliate links help sites like Cord Cutters News, LLC stay open. Affiliate links cost you nothing but help me support my family. We do not allow paid reviews on this site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Cord Cutters News makes money through affiliate partner links: If you click on a link, we may earn a commission. Our writers and editors create all reviews, news, and other content to inform readers, with no influence from our business team. Learn more about how we make money. We take pains to ensure our site is accurate and up to date, but some information might be different than what you find by visiting a vendor website.

Evidently Events There are two types of Evidently events. One type is a data event from a user action such as a click or page view. The other type is an assignment event which determines the feature variation to serve to a user.

CloudWatch RUM is priced on the number of RUM events collected. Each data item collected using the RUM web client is considered a RUM event. Examples of a RUM event include a page view, a JavaScript error, and an HTTP error. You have the flexibility of configuring the data plug-ins. See more here.

Boost provides a set of free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. It includes libraries for linear algebra, pseudorandom number generation, multithreading, image processing, regular expressions and unit testing.

Restoring a backup from your Mac is considerably faster than restoring a backup from iCloud. Where a full restore from a Mac can be done in half an hour or less, an iCloud restore can take several hours or more. The actual restore time depends on the size of your backup, and in the case of an iCloud restore, your internet connection speed as well. Note that regardless of the size of the backup, it still takes a long time to render your device exactly as it was prior to restoring the backup. This is because apps are not backed up, and are redownloaded to the device after the backup is restored. This is the case with both iCloud and Finder backups.

My original February 2020 analysis showed that the Shift Project assumptions for data transmission energy intensity (0.15-0.88 kWh/GB) were much higher than more recent estimates (0.025-0.23kWh/GB). However, the latest research shows that these data-based intensity values (kWh/GB) are not appropriate for estimating the network energy use of high bitrate applications such as streaming video. Instead, experts advise using time-based energy intensity values (kWh per viewing hour). Therefore, my assumptions for data transmission energy use have been updated with time-based energy intensity values.

However, the Shift Project underestimates the energy consumption of devices by around 4-fold, because it assumes that viewing occurs only on smartphones (50%) and laptops (50%). According to Netflix, however, 70% of viewing occurs on TVs, which are much more energy-intensive than laptops (15% of viewing), tablets (10%), and smartphones (5%).

Taken together, my updated analysis suggests that streaming a Netflix video in 2019 typically consumed around 0.077 kWh of electricity per hour, some 80-times less than the original estimate by the Shift Project (6.1 kWh) and 10-times less than the corrected estimated (0.78 kWh), as shown in the chart, below left. The results are highly sensitive to the choice of viewing device, type of network connection and resolution, as shown in the chart, below right.

Based on average viewing habits, my updated analysis shows that viewing devices account for the majority of energy use (72%), followed by data transmission (23%) and data centres (5%). In contrast, the Shift Project values show that devices account for less than 2% of total energy use, as a result of underestimating the energy use of devices (4x) while substantially overestimating the energy use of data centres (35x) and data transmission (50x).

The IEA estimate is also substantially lower than other estimates quoted in the media, including 22-times lower than the Despacito claim (cited on Channel 4, the BBC, Fortune, and Al Jazeera, assuming a global average grid mix) and 11-times lower than the claim by Save On Energy that 80 million views of Birdbox emitted 66ktCO2 (cited in the New Yorker, Euronews, Forbes, Die Welt, and the Daily Mail). My estimate of 36gCO2 per hour is over 2100-times lower than Marks et al. (2020) who estimated that 35 hours of HD video emits 2.68tCO2, or 77kgCO2 per hour.

This analysis was updated to include new data on viewing hours and new research on the energy use characteristics of data transmission networks at high bitrates, as well as the revised estimate from the Shift Project published in June 2020. The update also adds comparisons to other estimates widely quoted in the media.

I initially chose full installation and express installation files, but changed to just Full when I saw the size of the WsusContent increasing. With only a few Windows 10 Products selected, the size kept growing dramatically over a few days. It's currently at 1.66 TB, and stopped since it's out of room. I've seen other threads about the wsuscontent folder being about 200 GB in size.

It looks like you have some automatic approval rules enabled in WSUS options which might be causing the content download. Check in WSUS console, options, automatic approval rule. There should not be any rule selected.

Phone model name corresponds to Global (MAG138), India (MAI132), China (MAE136, MAT136). Xiaomi ROM are downloaded free of charge from the official website We post links to stock Redmi 4X flash files and original updates.

Download Only (Install Separately): Web Installer supports the feature to download full image containing all devices and tool options without running installation. Use this option to install full image on network drive or to allow different users maximum flexibility when installing.

The Web Installer will accept your login credentials and allow you to select the edition, device families and tool components (SDK or DocNav). It will then automatically download only your selection and install it on your local machine.

Please be aware that with the release of version 2016.2, DVDs and any other forms of downloadable physical shipment will no longer be available for ordering and will only be available for download at 041b061a72

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