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How To Buy Rci Membership

Also, not all timeshare ownerships qualify for an RCI membership. There is a bit of church and state in the timeshare industry, and a basic understanding of it is critical if you have certain exchanges in mind.

how to buy rci membership

A one-year RCI Membership is $99, and multi-year membership discounts range from 10 to 30% depending on how many years you purchase upfront. Many people start with a one-year membership, but I recommend buying a two-year one if your budget allows.

Yes, you can! If you will not be traveling along with them and want to send them on a timeshare vacation, you can book a reservation with your RCI membership and then add their name to it once you purchase a Guest Certificate for $99.

Your new membership is simple, because now you can have it all for just one fee*. It's flexible so you can enjoy peace of mind any time, any where. And it comes with treats from bigger savings to a dedicated concierge plus everything else in between.

If you're looking to enjoy the many benefits of an RCI membership on your yearly trips, you can find affordable timeshare resales right now on Simply get in touch with one of our representatives by using the form to the right to learn more about buying RCI-affiliated timeshares.

RCI requires that timeshare owners obtain a separate club membership with them in order to exchange. For this reason, RCI memberships will rarely transfer on the resale market. However, timeshare resale buyers can still save thousands by purchasing an RCI membership alongside their resale, and will have an instant solution to discovering a different part of the world each year.

RCI is affiliated with thousands of timeshare resorts all over the world. Buying at an RCI-affiliated resort and purchasing an annual membership allows your to travel virtually anywhere you could imagine. Additionally, RCI only affiliated with the best and most high-quality resort properties, ensuring a great vacation where ever you decide to go.

If you are transferring your existing membership, then any prepaid membership fees will transfer to the new owner. If you are maintaining your account, then you can continue to use your other benefits and renew it as usual. If you are cancelling your account, you will be issued a prorated refund for any prepaid membership fees.

The two types of memberships that are available for RCI are RCI Weeks and RCI Points. Owners will make their membership fee payments in advance to use RCI to exchange their timeshare. Members will also have the ability to upgrade if they have Platinum or Gold memberships, adding extra benefits that are discussed further below.

If flexibility is a priority for you, an RCI Points membership is the more flexible option, when compared to the RCI Weeks membership. With RCI Points, members can divide their points into multiple one to five night stays instead of weeks.

Owners with the RCI Weeks membership will be able to trade their usual week in their home resort for another week in a different resort. Just like with RCI Points, a membership with RCI Weeks has annual fees in order to take advantage of the service. Owners can subscribe to RCI up to five years in advance for fee discounts.

Owners with a RCI Platinum membership will have extra benefits that the basic membership does not offer, such as sales and priority booking. Also, owners will have priority when it comes to exchanging certain vacations before they become available to the rest of the network. Other RCI Platinum Benefits include:

For those that enjoy giving gifts, RCI offers the ability to gift your RCI membership for the year via Guest Certificates. There will be a Gift Certificate fee upon the transer, and it is the same whether you are a points or weeks member. Guest Certificates allow others to check into your timeshare once you have booked through RCI.

Being able to book a variety of vacations through RCI via exchanging points or weeks is a great option to upgrade or change your vacation. Although there are fees to do so, the added flexibility can be well worth it. If you have any further questions regarding the 2021 RCI fees, you can fill out a contact form to get in touch with one of our licensed agents to figure out how to best utilize an RCI membership.

RCI is a membership-based organization which provides services to timeshare owners who enroll in annual memberships with them. In order to enroll with RCI, an owner has to hold ownership in a timeshare interest in a resort that is affiliated with RCI, and the owner needs to be in good standing with their resort in areas such as remaining current with their maintenance fees.

For new owners who buy timeshare through an RCI-affiliated resort, the resort often includes the first year of membership with RCI as part of the purchase price. Once enrolled, it is incumbent upon the owner to renew their membership if they want to continue to enjoy the benefits provided through the RCI timeshare exchange program.

On the resale side, the process works a little differently. Because timeshare resale transactions occur between a prospective buyer and an existing owner, an exchange company could be involved only after a transaction is completed. RCI memberships are between the company and an individual timeshare owner and the membership does not typically transfer, which means that a buyer would need to contact RCI after they have purchased their timeshare in order to enroll in the program.

For programs such as RCI Points, there are options in place where an owner can save up points over multiple years or even borrow points from future years to use for an upgraded experience. The upgraded RCI Platinum service has so many options, such as shopping, spa, dining and wine purchases, that it would be virtually impossible not to be able to use the membership in a given year.

We would also have to pay another 600.00 dollars can. In order for them to perform their task. Not too sure why you pay to be a member and then pay to use their services provided by agents that are either lazy or hopelessly inept at doing their job. We will likely drop our membership as this experience has shown us that the only thing they are interested in is our money not in assisting, but they will sell you a good story to get you to sign up.

If that isn't bad enough they are charging me 220.00 for the week to use normal amenities you get at any cheap hotel. Ex the swimming pools. This is ridiculous, rci lets the resorts charge whatever fees they want. Members get nothing included for all the fees they pay. This is the complete opposite of what the timeshare appeal was for my family. We used to be able to check into a resort and use anything and everything for free. This is why you are being replaced by Airbnb and Vrbo. Get control over the resorts I your membership.

When you acquire your México Destination Club membership, we immediately start the process to register you as a member of RCI. And then from 30 to 60 days after this, you receive an email with your access information to the RCI website where you just have to log in and complete the registration with your personal info. After this, you will be ready to enjoy your affiliation.

Massanutten has had a long standing affiliation with Resort Condominiums International. This means whether you own a week or points through Massanutten with your RCI membership you have access to over 7,000 resorts worldwide. Visit the RCI site here!

Currently, RCI offers exchange on two platforms: RCI Timeshare Weeks and RCI Points. Those with a fixed or floating week with their current ownership will use RCI Weeks to trade vacations. If your timeshare is a point-based membership, then you can actually use both RCI Weeks and Points.

If your RCI Subscribing Membership account relates to your Point to Point (converted to VI) ownership only, your RCI membership will not be affected. You will continue to pay your annual membership fee to RCI. You will be able to access your RCI account through the VI website and your points will show in VI point amounts. Your points will not be deducted from RCI until the reservation is confirmed.

If your RCI Subscribing Membership account relates to your Point to Point (converted to VI) ownership plus an ownership at another RCI Affiliated Resort, your RCI Points membership for the other resort will become a separate membership from your RCI membership through VI. Separate RCI Points membership fees will be required for the non-VI RCI membership.

RCI's president is Olivier Chavy.[1] RCI's corporate headquarters is in Parsippany, New Jersey. ln India, RCI's corporate office is in Bangalore, India. Its North American membership office is in Carmel, Indiana, and its European membership office is in Kettering, England, with several satellite servicing offices around the world. Its Asia Pacific membership office is in Singapore.

RCI is a timeshare exchange company. It does not develop or sell timeshares (this falls within the province of RCI's sister subsidiary Wyndham Vacation Clubs). A customer who buys a timeshare with an RCI-affiliated developer (whether Wyndham or another entity) has the option to become a member of RCI. Such membership entitles the individual to exchange their timeshare with other members; RCI facilitates and fulfills the exchange. Alternatively, a timeshare owner with an RCI-affiliated developer under a points-based system can book reservations through RCI with another RCI affiliate.

I own a timeshare in Kaanapali, and am currently an RCI weeks member. I have been relatively happy exchanging my week and vacation with my family. As a matter of fact I am at Hilton Head as I am typing this. My wife and I went to the same old "come here for two hours, hear what we have to say, and get free stuff" speech. And now I am concerned that the diminishing availability of resorts as an RCI weeks member is going to eventually force me to go to RCI points, or some other points-based system. Is this the reality, or just something fabricated to sell me another time share to get me into the RCI points system? And, if it is inevitable that I will eventually have to convert from weeks membership to points, what is the most in-expensive way to do this? Do I have to purchase another time share to be able to use my current ownership in a points-based system? 041b061a72

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