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OnePlus To Launch A Smart TV

The OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 Pro received positive reception overall, with praise directed at 4K-HDR, brightness of the display, design, and sound quality.[13] The lack of mute button on the remote (which led to release of a free rebuilt remote) and no Netflix support during launch, received negative reviews. The price difference between Q1 and Q1 Pro was also criticized by Prasad from[14]

OnePlus To Launch A Smart TV

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The 43-inch and 40-inch variant come with full HD panels, while the 32-inch variant comes equipped with an HD-ready display.[16] For the 43-inch and 40-inch variant, OnePlus has used a sturdy metallic frame to hold together the screen, the motherboard and other hardware of the smart TV. The TV offers a screen-to-body ratio of more than 90 percent. On the other hand, the 32-inch variant features a slightly lower screen-to-body ratio at 88-percent with a similar bezel-less design.[17] All the Y1 TVs have a 2 channel 20W speaker with color gamut DCI-P3 93%, 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi support, and Bluetooth 5.0

The 32-inch model went on sale for the first time on July 5, 2020, and the smart TVs were sold out in just a minute.[21] This was disclosed by the company via a tweet from its official Twitter handle.[22]

The new OnePlus televisions targeted the affordable segment of the TV market in India. The launch which happened on 2 July 2020 included the OnePlus U1, which features 55-inch display size, with 4K resolution.[23]

OnePlus launched the Y1S TV range in its 'Double Feature Launch Event'[41] which took place on YouTube on 17 June 2021.[42] The new TVs come in 32 inch and 43 inch screen sizes and have an offline specific Y1S Edge variant too.[43][44]

The OnePlus TV Q1 did not come with a table-top stand included, only the Q1 Pro had it included in the box. Users buying the Q1 variant only have a Wall Mount included in the box. It is sold separately as an accessory on Amazon. The company sells it by the name of OnePlus TV Table-top Stand (Base Dock). This action of the company was criticized after the launch of Q1 TV.[49]

After receiving criticism on the OnePlus TV Q1's remote,[50] OnePlus launched a free Netflix Remote for the existing customers. For a few months after the launch of the Q1 TV, it did not have support for Netflix app, since Netflix required the TV makers to include a Netflix dedicated button on the TV remotes, so, the OnePlus TV Netflix remote was launched after the company noticed the user's feedback and Netflix's policy. The new remote has a different design and layout, and also has a dedicated Netflix button.[51][52]

The OnePlus TV USB Camera was a Plug-and-Play camera launched along with the OnePlus TV U1S. It has Full HD resolution with support for video calling via Google Duo on the OnePlus TVs, 2 noise cancellation mics and a physical privacy shutter and indicator LED light. It has a magnetic holder for docking it on the TVs.[53][54]

In July 2021, the company launched a new version of the app, OnePlus Connect 2.0.[55] It added new functionalities like Smart Volume Control feature which can automatically reduces the volume of the smart TV during incoming calls and return to the previous volume after the call ends. And with the help of the TypeSync feature, users can just type or speak directly into your phone to control the smart TV without a traditional remote. Via the Connect app, users can manage the Kids Mode remotely, set a timer to automatically turn the TV off, view User Metrics to monitor screen time, use One Click Cleanup to stop running background apps, and transfer video and files from phone to TV without need for an external application.[56]

At the same time, Amazon India posted a landing page for the upcoming launch and the following sale, revealing prices will be starting from INR1X,999. Even in the worst-case scenario, this is INR19,999 or about $265.

OnePlus is expanding its product lineup with a teaser for its very first monitor, but there is a chance it may not come to the U.S. OnePlus is no stranger to limited global releases, with devices like the OnePlus Nord Watch only available in India. OnePlus also began making Android TVs a few years ago, but they have mostly remained exclusive to India as well. OnePlus did say in 2021 that it was planning to start selling its smart TVs in Europe, but more than a year later, that is yet to happen.

Many smartphone manufacturers have a diversified portfolio in a bid to build an ecosystem of products that work better together. Brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi have added smart TVs, computers and monitors to their product lineup. Several of these products are sold in their home countries and available in other markets. Samsung and Apple, which have also released monitors, are other smartphone brands whose product portfolio includes computers, displays and other PC accessories.

After making TVs for years, OnePlus is ready to add monitors to its product lineup, as revealed by teasers posted by OnePlus India on Twitter. One of the tweets posted by the official OnePlus account shows the upcoming monitor will have a flat display with flat sides and a square base. Attached to the base is a vertical stand that has OnePlus's logo and its 'Never Settle' motto etched on it. The monitor is shown sporting a dark gray finish. OnePlus hasn't said when the monitor would launch, but the 'ComingSoon' hashtag hints at the date not being far off.

OnePlus's decision to launch a monitor may surprise some, especially in markets where the company is known only for its smartphones and mobile accessories. However, anyone familiar OnePlus' complete portfolio would have seen this coming. Back in July, Realme, a company that started as a sub-brand of Oppo, launched its first PC monitor after making TVs for a while, just like OnePlus. Considering that Realme, OnePlus and Oppo are all owned by BBK, it is understandable why OnePlus is also entering the monitor space.

Habeeb has years of experience covering consumer technology and has written for multiple publications. As a Senior Writer at Screen Rant, he enjoys writing about wearables, smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks. Several of his articles include guides and comparisons that help users get the best out of their devices or choose the one that bests suits them. When he's not writing, he's catching up on the latest TV shows. He considers The Crown as peak drama and Castlevania as one of the best game-to-screen adaptations. And on days when there is nothing to watch (is that even possible?), he sneaks in a few hours of games on his PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

The guiding principle for all our products has always been our burdenless design philosophy and this has been consistently translated to our OnePlus TVs as well. With our focus on connected devices, the OnePlus TVs deliver a smarter interaction and seamless connected experience through superior technology and remarkable design curated to deliver the best possible viewing experience. Through our offerings, we aim to set the standard for future smart TV products, because we focus on every last detail.

A great example of how this is reflected in our products is the OnePlus Connect App that was specially designed for the OnePlus TV. With OnePlus Connect, we have inculcated all the feedback we received with OnePlus Q1 Series and added multiple new features. With OnePlus Connect you can now have seamless connectivity with up to five different devices in a household, giving every user a personalized and intuitive experience. With smart features such as TypeSync, Quick App Switch, Smart Volume Control, Wi-Fi Sharing and Trackpad control users interact with the TVs in an intelligent manner. Users can also control their smart TVs with Google Assistant, which has been fully integrated into Android TV as well as Google Home, making it easy to open entertainment platforms, fine-tune various settings and have full control over any media. Users can also choose to control your OnePlus TV U & Y Series with Alexa, performing a range of activities such as volume control, changing the input source or switching between your favourite channels. Finally, users can also utilise a wide range of casting solutions on their OnePlus TVs, compatible with Chromecast and DNLA.

The demand for smart TVs is being driven by the rising consumer preference for built-in smart functions in personal devices, sleeker designs, a range of display options, and increasing internet penetration. Additionally, with emerging technologies including Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) driving digital transformation, a connected ecosystem will be the primary factor ensuring the relevance of smart TVs in the near future.

For OnePlus, designing a TV is about more than creating a high-quality display. We believe that a TV takes up a prominent spot in a household, meaning its design must be worth viewing even when the TV is turned off. Our smart TVs are a step towards a future of interconnectivity, with seamless integration into a home network. We envision a future where devices can seamlessly interact with one another, elevating the burdenless user experience.

The overwhelmingly positive response and acceptance we received from customers was a testament to our efforts to build a connected ecosystem by diversifying offerings and reaching a wider audience. In fact, according to Counterpoint, in the premium smart TV segment of 55 Inch and above with the price range of Rs 50000 and above, OnePlus became the 5th largest TV brand in terms of shipment in 2019

Taking into account the feedback we received for OnePlus Connect during the launch of OnePlus Q1 series, we now have added several additional features to it. This now allows consumers to have seamless connectivity with up to 5 different devices in a household, giving every user a personalized and intuitive experience.

As the OnePlus TV 50 Y1S Pro budget smart TV has already made its debut in India, on Monday, 4 July 2022, people are excited to know the price and specifications of the brand new smart TV. It is to be noted that the smart TV will be available from 7 July 2022 in the country.

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