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Demonized BEST

To demonize is also to subject demonic, or evil, influence, as in A mage demonized me, and now a demon torments my every waking hour. Some cultures and religions believe demons exist, while others believe they are only fictional characters.


An example of a group that believed in demons as actual beings were the townspeople of Salem, Massachusetts, in the late 1600s. They believed so strongly in demons that some residents became convinced that fellow residents had demonized them, directing demons to torment them. The Salem witch trials were the trials of residents accused of being witches and directing demons to torment other townspeople. The period is now seen as one of massive hysteria and wrongful arrests and execution of innocent people.

The teaching that Christians can be demonized turns our attention from God to Satan. It can inspire fear in the believer where he or she should experience confidence in Christ As noted, it often makes believers dependent on those with deliverance ministries to protect them from demons. It fosters a spiritualistic superstition that distracts the believer from both proclaiming the gospel and from personal growth in sanctification.

WEST: I think we must never, ever demonize one another. That's true notjust black people to black people; that's human being to human being. We mustnever so thoroughly disrespect someone that they are beyond the pale and,therefore, have no possibility of being changed. This is part of the strugglewith Minister Louis Farrakhan of his being so demonized by the mainstream, wehad to come back and criticize but not demonize and see him as a human beingwho is concerned about suffering and yet warrants a certaincritique as well.

Clarence Thomas must never be demonized. He ought to be deeplycriticized, ought not to be disrespected in terms of having his humanity calledinto question even though a person like myself may have very deep disagreementswith him. It's so easy to begin to demonize someone you think is so farremoved and as the demonization begins to expand, it ends up being everybodybut your friends. After a while everybody else but you. That is a slipperyslope that is so easy to slide down, and that's what is dangerous. So thereought to be a robust, uninhibited conversation in black America with differentblack ideological perspectives.

Amongst diets like the Mediterranean, Keto, and Whole30, plant-based eating has recently become a popular lifestyle choice for many people. Although we love plants and know the importance of including them in our daily diets, we also know the significance of having a variety of other foods. These foods include some demonized foods, like beef, full-fat dairy, salt, and whole eggs. Over the years, these four foods have earned a bad reputation. We are here to explain that you should not fear these foods!

The end result was that fat, animal fat in particular, became demonized. And here we are today, Americans are increasingly suffering from chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease and autoimmune disorders.

And what about Lilith? The rabbis of old were so uncomfortable with a woman who was equal to a man, a woman who had her own thoughts and opinions, a woman who showed her anger, that they demonized her. They literally demonized her; seeking to try to promote a worldview that a woman who gets angry at inequality is a monster that tempts men and kills babies.

But as much as Beckham deserves to be punished, he doesn't deserve to be demonized. One Giants source said the receiver was unnerved by the fact that one Panther carried a baseball bat onto the field during warm-ups, a bat that found its way into cornerback Josh Norman's hands. The source also said Giants players heard Carolina players direct at least two anti-gay slurs at Beckham, setting the confrontational tone.

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